32 Stories is a project to celebrate giving
by the Church in York.

Celebrate - Be Thankful - Pray

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1. Racheal Maskell
2. TLG Early Intervention
3-4. Restore (York)
5-6. The Archbishop of York
Youth Trust
7-8. York Neighbours
9-10. Bundles of Joy
11. Big Breakfast
12. Eat Well Spend Less
13-14. Kids Klub York
15. Railway Mission
16. Chaplaincy at York Races
17-18. Friends International
19-20. Carecent
21-22. Joseph Trust
23-24. Street Angels
25-26. York Foodbank
27-28. Riding Lights
29-30. Family Matters York
31-32. The Besom in York
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Contact Information (Part II)

The Besom in York

Fulcrum Foundation (UK)

One Voice York